Seeing as how it is the holiday season and the world is supposedly ending rather soon I figured now would be a good time to tell you all how much I love you guys. Every single person on this list has made a difference in my life whether it be a big difference or not. Tumblr has definitely made my life better and if I didn’t follow such amazing people I’m positive that’d be different. Everyone here not only has an absolutely amazing blog, but they’re super nice.

*If I forgot anyone, I’m super sorry, I’m very forgetful.

[It’s sort of in alphabetical order but don’t hate me if it’s a little off.]

a,b,c,d : alexandradrewlooksatme, alwayschoosenina, asktaylors, autumnlentas, babydriveslow, burnedthemout, catchingswift, crawlingshadows, cupcakeharrys, dougiepynter, dresseduplikehipsters, drunkswift

e,f,g,h : eyesopen, falalaswift, ffinicks, flashbacksandechoes, fortuneandfames, getnakedmiley, hausofcards13, heldyourpride, holygrounds

i,j,k,l : indemne, itsathugstory, junepars, justsofearless, kingdomlightsshine, landlines, lasttimes

m,n,o,p : mlieys, mosaicbrokenhearts, mullingurs, ofabeautifulnight, ofhaylors, perfectskies

q,r,s,t : rachelgreens, rainyblueskys, sawalightinyou, staytaystay, sunlightskies, swiftandspicy, swiftmayer, swiftpick, theycallmetsweezy, thecolorsinautumn, therussos ,taylorswit, takemileyalong, t-hirteen, thestateofgraces, tswift

u,v,w,x : welovetaylorswift, wonderingfaiths, unresolveds, validatemypride, whiteshorse

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